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25ft.x1in. Metric/Imperial Tape Measure Utility Grade

This measuring tape is 25 FT long, and is both imperial and metric. Product is yellow with a black rubber jacket. Can be customized, contact Dynaline for custom inquiries.

25 ft. x 1 in. Metric/SAE Tape Measure

25ft Measuring Tape that measures in both metric and imperial. Tape has a width of 1in. Free customization availible, contact us for details.

10 Pack # 2 x 3 in.


Magnetic Insert Holder
Magnetic Insert Holders are designed to improve the ease and convenience of working with screwdriver bits. They provide secure and reliable bit retention, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various needs and preferences.

Slotted- Plain Finish Bits
Slotted Plain Finish Bits are a versatile tool for fastening in a wide range of applications. With various sizes available, they can be used for both light and heavy-duty jobs, providing reliable and precise results.

10 Pack Phillips