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Grease Guns & Accessories

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Grease Gun Holder Bracket For guns w/ 2-1/4 in. Dia. barrel

The Grease Gun Holder Bracket For guns w/ 2-1/4in. Dia. barrel is a sturdy and convenient accessory that keeps your grease gun within easy reach.

Needle Nose Adapter 4 in. Nozzle Overall legth 7-1/4 in.

The Needle Nose Adapter 4in. Nozzle Overall length 7-1/4in. is a versatile attachment that allows you to apply grease or oil to tight spaces.

Grease Gun - Mini Pistol 2000 psi

Mini pistol grease gun capable of delivering up to 2000 psi.

Grease Gun - Pistol 5" extension. 4500 psi

This pistol grease gun comes with a 5-inch extension and has a maximum operating pressure of 4500 psi, making it a reliable choice for lubrication tasks. Its ergonomic pistol grip design ensures comfortable handling and ease of use.

Needle Nose Dispensers

Needle Nose Dispensers
The Needle Nose Dispenser is a small, 1-1/2 inch tool that is designed to dispense grease in hard-to-reach areas. It comes in a package of one and is compatible with standard grease guns. This tool is perfect for precision applications such as lubricating bearings, hinges, and other small parts.

Professional Pistol Grease Gun 4500 PSI. 3-way loading

The Professional Pistol Grease Gun is a heavy-duty tool designed to make lubrication tasks easier and more efficient.

Replacement Parts for Rechargeable Grease Gun Kit

Replacement Parts for Rechargeable Grease Gun Kit
The following list of products below are replacement parts for our Rechargeable Grease Gun Kit.

Rechargeable Grease Gun Kit 24V Li-ion Bttry 12000 PSI max

Keep your machinery running smoothly with this rechargeable grease gun kit, which features a 24V Li-ion battery and a max PSI of 12,000.

Grease Gun Pipe 5-1/2 1/8 NPT. 6000 psi

The Grease Gun Pipe 5-1/2 1/8 NPT. 6000 psi is a durable and reliable replacement part for your grease gun.

Grease Gun - Lever - H.D Variable stroke. 4500 psi

H.D Variable Stroke: Heavy-duty lever grease gun with variable stroke and 4500 psi capacity.

Grease Gun Pistol C/W Hose 18 in. hose 5 in. extension 4500 psi

The Grease Gun Pistol comes with an 18 inch hose and 5 inch extension. It can deliver up to 4500 psi pressure.

Grease Gun - Lever 4500 psi. 10000 psi max.

Lever grease gun with 4500 psi capacity and 10000 psi maximum pressure.

Heavy Duty Grease Gun - Lever 4500 psi. 10000 psi max.

This Grease Gun Lever delivers up to 4500 psi and has a maximum pressure of 10000 psi, making it ideal for heavy-duty greasing applications. Its lever action provides precise control over the grease output and makes it easy to operate with one hand.

Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease
Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease is a versatile lubricant that can be used in various applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial equipment. This type of grease is made from lithium soap, making it resistant to water, high temperatures, and heavy loads. It is ideal for use in wheel bearings, chassis, and other moving parts that require long-lasting lubrication.