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Rectangular Keystock

Rectangular Keystock
Rectangular Keystock is a metal bar used to connect mechanical devices or machinery components. It is designed to transmit torque and rotation between parts and is commonly used in various industrial applications. This keystock is rectangular in shape, and its size and dimensions may vary depending on the specific application it is used for.

Square Keystock

Square Keystock
Square keystock is a type of machine key used to transfer torque between shafts and machine components. It is a square-shaped metal bar that fits into a corresponding keyway to prevent slippage and misalignment. Square keystock is commonly used in industrial and mechanical applications where precise alignment and transmission of power is required.

Step Keystock

Step Keystock
Step keystock is a type of metal bar that has a stepped design, with different widths on each side. It is commonly used to lock gears, pulleys, and other rotating parts onto a shaft. Step keystocks are available in various sizes and materials to suit different applications.