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Cornice Hooks

Cornice Hooks
Cornice hooks are used to attach drapery or curtains to a cornice board or valance. These hooks are typically made of metal and come in various sizes and styles to fit different types of cornice boards. They are easy to install and provide a secure and stylish way to hang window treatments.

Screw Hooks

Screw Hooks
Screw hooks are versatile and easy to use hardware items that have a threaded screw end and a curved hook end. They can be easily screwed into wood or other materials, and are commonly used for hanging lightweight items such as picture frames, plants, and small decorations. Screw hooks are available in various sizes and materials to suit different applications.


S-Hooks are versatile and durable fasteners commonly used in a variety of applications, including hanging and securing items in industrial, automotive, and agricultural settings. These hooks are shaped like the letter "S" and are available in a range of sizes and materials to suit different needs. They are easy to use and provide a secure hold for items of various weights and sizes.

Tarp Hooks

Tarp Hooks
Tarp hooks are hardware used to secure tarps, covers, and other materials to surfaces such as trailers, trucks, or walls. They come in various sizes, materials, and shapes, and are an essential tool for protecting goods from the elements during transportation or storage. Tarp hooks are commonly used in the industrial, agricultural, and automotive industries.

Tarp Strap Hook

These Tarp Strap hooks have a 3-inch length and are made with a 3/16" wire diameter S-Hook. They come in a package of 10 and are commonly used in a variety of applications such as securing tarps, ropes, chains, and cables.