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Hinge Straps

SKU: Hinge Straps
Hinge straps are metal brackets used to attach doors, gates, and other swinging objects to a frame or post. They are typically made of steel or other durable metals, and come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of hinges and applications. Hinge straps are easy to install and provide a strong, stable connection for swinging objects, making them a popular choice for agricultural, industrial, and residential settings.
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102531.jpg 102531 HINGE STRAP 8IN X 1/2IN DIA. HOLE 1
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$7.22 7,2200
102532.jpg 102532 HINGE STRAP 10IN X 5/8IN DIA. HOLE 1
EACH + -
$7.84 7,8400
102533.jpg 102533 HINGE STRAP 12IN X 5/8IN DIA. HOLE 1
EACH + -
$8.86 8,8600
102535.jpg 102535 HINGE STRAP 16IN X 3/4IN DIA. HOLE 1
EACH + -
$16.88 16,8800