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Hand Swager

A hand swager is a tool that is used to crimp or compress sleeves onto the ends of wire ropes or cables. It is designed for light to medium-duty swaging applications and is ideal for those who do not have access to heavy machinery.

Bench Swager 22-1/2" L Multi Compression Jaws

A Bench Swager is a tool used for crimping cable ferrules (sleeves) onto the ends of cables to create secure wire rope assemblies. It is typically used in industrial and marine applications for creating custom lengths of cable assemblies with specific end fittings.

Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters
Cable Cutters: Cable cutters are tools used to cut steel cable or wire rope cleanly without fraying or damaging the cable. They are commonly used in construction, rigging, and other applications where cable or wire rope needs to be cut to a specific length.